New edit shop!!

Haii everyone its fantage Vicki, i barely have anything to do soo i wanted to create a NEW DRAWING SHOP!!!

IF you want a drawing i need you to answer a few questions…                                                                                                                1. Boy or girl?                                                      2. Color hair?                                                      3. Outfit?                                                              4. Shoes?

Uhh i cant think of anything else… if im missing anything please comment.

This is fantage Valerie signing off..








auditions ( part 1)

Hey everyone its fantage Vicki…. does any one remember when I posted and I quote”auditions for a new series” Well its time for auditions for the series”Fantage Teenage Dream” here are the parts you can pick…

  1. June ( ill be playing this part)
  2. Amber (June’s best friend)
  3. Todd ( June’s boyfriend)
  4. Josh ( Ambers ex boyfriend)
  5. Lizzie ( June’s worst enemy)
  6. Brittney ( lizzies best friend)
  7. Tyler ( a new student )
  8. Kristen  ( June’s evil cousin)
  9. Ryan ( Kristen boyfriend )
  10. June’s mom

Well these are the parts… in my new post there will requirements for the parts.

This is fantage vicki signing off…


Welcome to fantage life

Hai everyone its fantage Vicki or know as veronica.. I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this!! In this website you will find…

 1.  events that appear on fantage or events that I create on social media

 2. a brief story about myself

 3. raffles for drawings ( made personally by me)

 4. auditions for a new series